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Do you need IT Security for your business?

 We offer a full range of cybersecurity and IT solutions that allow you to protect your business from both internal and external threats, while allowing you to focus on running your business.


Our Approach.

As technology becomes increasingly important to your business, it becomes even more critical to manage and maintain your IT infrastructure. Yet, it may not always be possible to set up an in-house IT department. 

safemode IT is a full-service IT company that can handle all your IT requirements with a flat-rate fee that is affordable.

Secure Your Workplace

Ready for a Free Consultation?

By providing Managed IT Services, we ensure that you will have fewer worries regarding your IT infrastructure. Our support staff is available to assist your employees with issues related to technology as well as managing and maintaining your business-critical systems.

Your IT Challenges

What technology challenges are you trying to solve?

Here are some of the challenges you might face as a business.

Improved Cybersecurity?

Meet challenges and defend against the vast array of online threats trying to steal your data.

Modernised Workplace?

Ensure your team are all connected and working effectively with the best and most efficient tools available, at home or in the office.

Enhanced Communication?

Strengthen communication and collaboration among all stakeholders within your business; whether colleagues, clients, or partners.

Improved Benefits?

Achieve greater levels of productivity, efficiency and profitability – turning your IT from purely a cost to a valuable investment.

Our approach

How we help you.

The difference we make.

  • High quality, high standard

    We are proud to provide top quality services to our customers, preventing business disruption that can be caused by tech problems.

  • A security-first approach

    Working alongside you and your team to both understand your industry and improve your workflows.

  • Automated processes

    Simplify your processes with automated scripts and software - reducing your reliance on manpower.

  • Future proofed

    We can work out a comprehensive Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery plan that takes into account your company’s unique characteristics.

What We Do


Attacks on networks and malware are more prevalent now than ever. With updates, monitoring and alerts, safemode IT protects your network on multiple fronts.

Get Secure

All Things Cloud

safemode IT provides multiple cloud-based services and uses state of the art data centers and cloud technology. Use the power of the cloud to elevate your business.

Get Protected

Managed IT

Managed IT Services provides you with world class support and up to the second monitoring of your network. Let us be your complete outsourced IT department

Get Managed


Voice over IP replaces your traditional telephone service using your Internet service. It enables multi-office and mobile user connectivity, reducing the cost of traditional phone services.

Get Connected

Don’t Just Take our Word for it.

Check out what some of our clients are saying.  These testimonials have been curated from several platforms 

Bill S Owner

safemode IT helped me put tegether a technology and network plan that was efficient and affordable. Anytime i have an issue, i just contact them and it is usualky resolved in a matter of hours. The owner is friendly and takes a lot of pride in his work.

Ryan B Owner

My computers were running slow in the office and had a lot of pop-ups. Ron with safemode IT came in and got all of the viruses off of our computers and cleaned everything up so they are running great! My staff is much happier that they can do their work without computer problems now. I would highly recommend safemode to anyone with computer problems or that needs consulting to help your company run smoother!

Elizabeth Hansen

Ron has handled IT for our small non profit for about 3 years. We have been happy with his services and his pricing. Would recommend!

Sandeep Patel Owner

We have been with safemode IT for last 4 years and have nothing but positive accolades for Ron and his team. His IT team makes sure my Dental office is running smoothly and HIPAA compliant. Thank you Ron. Dr Patel

Brittany McGehee

Working with safemode IT has been great. They have helped create reports for our firm which are specific to our industry for compliance purposes and anytime we need help we receive a response back within 24-48 hours (for non urgent items)

    Deliver the best possible solutions.

    Secure the Future of your Business.