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Ron Kulik

Ron Kulik

Behind the hack: See how easily your business can be Hacked

You’ll be amazed at how fast a certified ethical hacker can access the hidden data stored on your computer’s hard drive. It only takes minutes to compromise your security system and make your personal data available to the universe.

The biggest risk to both large and small business doesn’t come from more regulations or even armed robbers. It’s from hackers. Whether they silently take your information and move on or use it to extort you or your customers later, the costs to your business and reputation can be enormous.
To demonstrate just how vulnerable your data is, we’ve recorded a professional, ethical hacker at work.
For the first demonstration, the hacker will access your data and place an encrypted lock on it so he can extort you for money before you can retrieve it.
During the second part of the video, he will use a mock website – made to look like the login screen for your bank or credit card account, for instance – to trick you into entering your credentials.
Finally, he will stress the importance of maintaining the security of your computer system.
If you aren’t frightened by what you see on this video, you should be. The aftermath is very real and can take a lot of time and money to fix.
Ask yourself these questions:
  • Have you been surprised at how simple it can be for an experienced hacker to access your information?
  • Do you and your company possess the right software, hardware, and know-how to keep your information secure?
  • Would you feel better if our company took a look at your system to verify that it is safe and secure?
  • Wouldn’t you rest easier knowing you weren’t easy prey for all of the hackers out there?

If your answer to these questions is Yes. Then contact us today 512-761-7652 or immediately for a free security assessment.

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