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Ron Kulik

Ron Kulik

How to protect your webcam from spies

The last two years have seen a rise in the popularity of excellent quality webcams. Business meetings would have been confusing without them, and let’s just be honest, boring as well.
Now hackers are using our own cameras to spy on us. They can use rogue websites and apps to gain access.
Protecting yourself is simple and free.

Start with your browser.

Go to ‘Privacy and Security’ in your browser settings. Find ‘Camera’ and make sure it’s switched to deny websites access by default.
Then you can allow specific websites access to your camera, one at a time.
Next, make sure that none of your applications are using your camera without your permission.
Go to your Privacy settings on your computer. Select ‘Camera’, and change the permissions for the apps you don’t want to have access.

You can do the same with your phone, too.

If you’re still worried, you have the option to disable your webcam completely. Simply go to ‘Device Manager’, select the camera, and then ‘Disable’.
Though we’re sure video calls would be less exciting if everyone did this

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