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Secure Remote Access

Encrypted Device-to-Device Communication with Granular Access Control Based on Zero Trust


Secure Remote Access

Current remote access methods such as (Virtual Private Networks) VPNs and (Remote Desktop) RDPs lack the necessary control, visibility, and security measures.

Unfortunately, hackers often target these technologies, are frequently vulnerable, and, if compromised, can allow access to the entire network. With work from home becoming the standard, companies need a more secure option to provide remote access to critical resources.

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Understanding Your Requirements

Here are asome of the ways in which we can help.

Flexible Architecture

Leverage point-to-point internal IPs or restrict access via public IPs for flexibility

More than Secure Remote Access

Our SASE module delivers a powerful, integrated security solution including a Next-Gen Firewall, IPS, Secure DNS, and more

Customizable Shortcuts

Provide a better user experience with customizable shortcuts to frequently used resources

Secure Your Workplace

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Outsourcing our IT Support services can greatly reduce the cost of your IT need, as well as the need for a full time IT staff member.

Our approach

The Difference We Make.

Our core IT service offering includes:

  • Unlimited Support

    With safemode IT you get unlimited remote IT support during business hours. Weather you call, text, email or chat, our fast and friendly IT Support desk is ready to assist you with any of your IT technology needs.

  • Proactive Monitoring & Remediation

    When you partner with safemode IT, you can rest assured your IT systems are being remotely monitored and maintained to make sure your systems are operating at their optimum. Our IT experts are patching, updating and dealing with issues before they become a problem.

  • Flat Rate Billing

    With our flat rate monthly billing you will know exactly how much each month you are spending with out any surprises.

Deliver the best possible solutions.

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