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There are constant attempts by cyber-terrorists to find new ways to breach your network, which means the security of the software that runs on your network is dependent on the latest updates of the software they make.  


We act as the security guards that protect your business secretly, keeping an eye on the back door and making sure it is always locked, as well as protecting you from potential cyber threats.

Secure Your Workplace

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By providing Managed IT Services, we ensure that you will have fewer worries regarding your IT infrastructure. Our support staff is available to assist your employees with issues related to technology as well as managing and maintaining your business-critical systems.

Our approach

How we can help protect your data

Our core IT service offering includes:

  • Cyber Specialists

    With 15 plus years of experience safemode IT has evolved to fulfill the needs of cybersecurity.

  • Mailbox Security

    With an effective email security system, your team can enjoy a hassle-free inbox, free of spam and phishing attempts.

  • Security Training

    With years of experience, we can effectively educate staff to identify and understand threats.

  • File Encryption

    Reduce your daily stress, with the knowledge that you can simply restore your systems to backup instantly.


Are you aware of the online threats to your business?

Here are some of the challenges you might face as a business.


Stealing your critical data, and threating you for a payment or it all gets deleted.


Often accidentally downloaded over the internet, used to corrupt, damage and gain access.


Emails designed to trick you into giving away private and some times vital information.


Designed to hide away in your systems, giving criminals a free seat to watch whatever you do.

Deliver the best possible solutions.

Secure the Future of your Business.